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The Mayan Adventure caters all your needs in and around Flores, Guatemala. Consider our large range of tour offers to the jungle and archaeological sites, book a hotel in Flores or close to the Mayan site of your choice, study Spanish, and read some important Guatemala travel information before embarking on your adventurous jungle trip!

In 2004, we opened
Café Arqueológico Yaxha in Flores, Guatemala and began offering archaeological tours to visitors who were looking for comprehensive background information about Mayan sites. The Mayan Adventure offers trips to the famous sites of Tikal and Yaxha, jungle hikes to El Zotz and Tikal, and support such small Mayan sites as La Blanca. We arrange tours to Mayan sites that travelers usually do not have the opportunity to visit, giving visitors a deep insight into the scientific work at sites currently under investigation. Our aim is to attract more people who will help us to protect Mayan sites in Guatemala.

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Our most popular tours

The Mayan Adventure offers tours to Tikal

Visit the famous Mayan site Tikal

Tikal is the second biggest and most monumental archaeological site in Guatemala. It is located only one hour from Flores and is easy to reach by car. Make your visits to Tikal unforgettable with the experience of our tour guides! Read more.

Jungle hike from El Zotz to Tikal

Live in the jungle for 3 days! Hike an average of 5 hours per day, sleep in jungle camps and eat food cooked on wood fires. Explore two archaeological sites and watch the bats fly out of a cave at El Zotz. The jungle trip to El Zotz and Tikal is a real adventure. You should be in good physical condition to participate. Read more.

The Mayan Adventure offers jungle hikes to El Zotz-Tikal
The Mayan Adventure offers tours to Yaxha

Yaxha, an amazing site at the lake Yaxha

Being the third biggest Mayan site in Guatemala, Yaxha invites its visitors to admire high temple pyramids, large palace acropolises and broad sacred roads. Our guides give you a tour with comprehensive information about Yaxha. Read more.

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